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Things to Know Before Booking Your First Nail Extension Appointment

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

One of the most heartfelt gifts you can give yourself is the splurge on cosmetic services. With a little nail art and a rhinestone here and there, nail extensions can be the perfect boost of self-confidence. Something about these aesthetically pleasing and jaw-dropping nails makes you feel more put-together. It's a tale from the past that's being retold in the future.

Nails & Nail Extensions in Dubai
Nail Extension

Nail extensions are more of a relic of the past than a recent discovery.

  • In ancient China, long nails were considered a prestige symbol. Long nails denoted affluence, as the wearer could afford to have outrageously long nails because they didn't have any tedious duties or activities to complete!

  • The Chinese were so fascinated with keeping their long nails that they created nail guards (made of everything from wood to tortoiseshell to gold and precious stones) to protect and enhance them.

  • This idea was also widespread in other societies, such as the Egyptian civilization. Long nails are still considered a sign of high social status in several cultures.

Another interesting fact, the one who is fascinated with nail art should be aware of, is that the Chinese were the first to produce nail polish, which was mostly derived from egg whites and beeswax. In reality, historians claim that the elites of the 600 BC Zhou dynasty coated their nails with silver and gold dust.

So, if you're someone fascinated with nail extensions, you've come to the correct place. Here are five things to think about before booking an extension appointment at a salon:

Prepare ahead of time :-

Acrylics will not adhere to fragile nails. It will not only harm the health of your natural nails, but it will also ruin the appearance of your fake ones. Make sure your nails are healthy and strong enough to support the nail extensions. A week before your visit, rub a lemon slice on your nails.

Understand the differences between gel and acrylic nails :-

Acrylic nails are a powder-based extension of your natural nails that are dipped in a solvent. These nails are used to extend your natural nails or to strengthen the top layer of your nails. Although these nails are often available in a variety of colors, most women prefer neutral tints. Gels, on the other hand, are toughened with the help of a UV or LED light source. They're exclusively available in nail paint colors.

Check for the ingredients:-

If you're going to have gel nails, make sure the nail polish colors you choose contain elements you're comfortable with. There are several colors and brands on the market that are manufactured with cruelty-free ingredients or that make your natural nails healthier and less prone to chipping.

You've come to the perfect place if you're a nail aficionado. Chick Future Beauty invites you to a world where we only use cruelty-free, high-quality products for your nails to provide you with the greatest possible experience. So, do not delay!! and book your appointment with us.

Make an informed decision :-

Make a list of what you want, whether it's sharp stilettos or gorgeous rounds, powder dip, or gel acrylics. Also, do some research on the nail art you desire and meet with your manicurist to ensure that the quality of the nails and instruments they'll use to give you brand-new nails are up to standard.

Let the professional handle it :-

You might believe that trimming your nails or buffing and filing them before coming to the salon is a good idea but think again. Nail extensions require a specific form, length, trim, and texture, as well as the cuticles being pulled back, to be put properly. It's best to delegate these tasks to a qualified technician.

Wrapping up !!

If you've done your homework, the procedure should go off without a hitch and leave you feeling happy and confident. That’s all from our end, we hope you have a lot of fun displaying those lovely things!

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